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Collection 9 CNY Part 1 Bountiful Harvest

Collection 9 CNY Part I : Bountiful Harvest Bountiful Harvest – Let’s start harvesting 2015! Every Chinese New Year is an awesome feasting time! It is like we had received a great harvest the year before and we celebrate the harvest by making merry with all the food, drinks and most importantly with great company. Chinese New Year is the best time to savour the family favourites made by grandmas and aunties who cook with such love and magic, whilst at the same time downing the feast with homemade beverages! In collection 9, we celebrate a full harvest by incorporating these elements….in a cheongsam….with pieces named Croque Madame The Fruit Basket Applelicious (comes with girl cheongsam) French Rose Tea (comes with girl cheongsam)...

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Collection 8 The Animal Lodge

Collection 8 : The Animal Lodge Animals - Recalling a day to the zoo My niece just turned two and is a big, big fan of the zoo. “Mama, Xiaoyi – elephants!! Favorite!!” One of her most beloved books right now is “Row Row Row Your Boat” by Jane Cabrera. Not only does she love the song, she loves telling us about the different animals that the characters meet along the river (monkeys, tigers, doves, elephants, crocodiles, etc.) Her enthusiasm brought me back to my childhood days. I must have flipped through the same set of mammal encyclopedias in our house hundreds of times during the school holidays. My young mind was captivated by the animals’ colors and shapes, and learning...

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Collection 6 Hellooo Tokyooo!

Collection 6 Hellooo Tokyooo! Tokyo - The most fascinating place on earth. We travelled to magical Tokyo on numerous occasions and were never ceased to be amazed by that land. Every second we spent there was a feast for all five senses… the lights, the food, the harajuku girls and boys, the shrines, the gardens, the mountain, the sakura… the list is endless. The city beats with two seemingly repelling forces of old and new in such an intriguing way. So inspired by that land, we dedicate one collection to the bizarre and magical Tokyo. In collection 6, we celebrate Tokyo through our own lenses….in a cheongsam….with pieces named Tokyo Dolls, The Great Wave, Sunrise on Fuji , Cherry Blossoms, Blue Sakura...

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Collection 5 Summer Dreams launching soon. The Golden State of Mind.

  " All the leaves are brown....And the sky is grey I've been for a walk On a winter's day... I'd be safe and warm If I was in L.A. If I was in L.A. California dreaming On such a winter's day " ~ California Dreaming  Enthralled by the California culture and state of mind, we decided to dedicate one of our summer collection to this unique sunny land. California inspired the Golden State of Mind = a mental state where diversity, creativity, and optimism collide. To us, this is too beautiful a thing not to share. And we choose to portray that in the form of a cheongsam. So...Collection 5 Summer Dreams is not just about easy to wear and yet classy pieces. It also tries to challenge how a cheongsam may...

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