Collection 8 The Animal Lodge

Collection 8 : The Animal Lodge

Animals - Recalling a day to the zoo

My niece just turned two and is a big, big fan of the zoo. “Mama, Xiaoyi – elephants!! Favorite!!” One of her most beloved books right now is “Row Row Row Your Boat” by Jane Cabrera. Not only does she love the song, she loves telling us about the different animals that the characters meet along the river (monkeys, tigers, doves, elephants, crocodiles, etc.) Her enthusiasm brought me back to my childhood days. I must have flipped through the same set of mammal encyclopedias in our house hundreds of times during the school holidays. My young mind was captivated by the animals’ colors and shapes, and learning their names (e.g. how many p’s are there in hippopotamus?)

For this collection, we found some really cute, modern animal-themed fabrics and felt they need not be used just for baby/children clothing, nursery decor, etc. We have turned these fabrics into modern, wearable outfits for the grownups! Yes, we big kids get to play too! It’s about time!

Our latest series can be worn practically for any occasion you have on your social or business calendar. Go ahead and elegantly channel your inner child in one of our Animal Lodge designs.

    • Animals' Day out
    • Katwalk
    • Dottie Giraffe
    • Candy Safari
    • The Blue Flamingo
    • Pandas' Picnic
    • Whale of a Time
    • Tweet Tweet

Thank you for checking out our blog post today. Drop by on 12 Dec when our Animal Lodge Collection is released.


It is a zoo out there -- get dressed for it. The Happy Cheongsam

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