About Us



The Happy Cheongsam is an online brand that takes a fresh look at the Chinese cheongsam. The Chinese cheongsam, although beautiful in its traditional form and drape, needed to be in tune with the modern woman’s wide variety of dressing needs and moods. We are here to showcase fun, modern, sweet and classy dresses so every woman can rock the cheongsam in her own unique way. Our dresses are handcrafted in limited runs with quality and craftsmanship as a top priority.

At the heart and soul of our cheongsams are these key values:

Putting FUN & MODERN first

The Happy Cheongsam pairs fun, fresh fabric prints with modern designs to bring you a standout dress that wears beautifully in any social or business setting. We are constantly challenging the boundaries of the traditional cheongsam to bring you fresh, new looks.

Treasuring our HERITAGE

We are inspired by the cheongsam’s history and its classic silhouette. We take pride in all the traditional details, but go a step further by designing our cheongsams to fit the needs and shapes of today’s woman.


We put in extra care and attention into every Happy Cheongsam design so it exudes bespoke craftsmanship through great quality fabric. We are focused on the craft of tailoring in every Happy Cheongsam collection. We handpick the choicest fabric, and apply time-honored stitching methods to build the best possible garments.


Why do I love dresses?

My first dress was lovingly handmade by my mom when I was 2. And ever since then, my  yearly Chinese New Year getup has been made by her. I loved the process of selecting fabric and making my pattern choices before they were sewn by my mom. I have been playing with fabrics much of my life.

The turning point.

In 2011, I went through a life-changing event.  I was diagnosed with cancer at 30. It was a traumatic episode for all of us and my family rallied behind me to help me pull through the intensive treatments. I remember the days where I was so weak and my mom painstakingly took care of me every step of the way. She showed me what strength, love and wisdom truly was. It was an emotional 6 months before my oncologist gave me a clean bill of health. I felt I was given a new lease of life. I have never felt better and I am grateful for this second chance at life.

What inspired me?

During my bout with cancer, I was deeply touched by my mom’s love and wondered how I could repay her. My mom had been a seamstress since 1960s. In my heart, I wanted her craftsmanship in tailoring to be known. I wished to continue my mom’s 50 years of legacy in tailoring … and so The Happy Cheongsam was born. To me, it is the best way I can thank her for her unconditional love through the years. I would not be who I am today without her.

What is our philosophy?

The Happy Cheongsam is dedicated to love and strength, embodied in a cheongsam.

We want our cheongsams to be delicate yet strong. The Happy Cheongsam not only celebrates femininity but also tenacity in overcoming life's challenges. We are thrilled to bring you a little slice of happiness via a Happy Cheongsam dress. Be happy. Be purposeful. Be you.

XOXO, The Happy Cheongsam


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